About Us

In a sector as complex as healthcare, there is continuous demand for insightful consultancy advice and for skilled management services. We offer both.

For clients who are seeking advice on matters of strategy, organization or operations we offer solutions that combine a profound understanding of the healthcare sector, a sympathetic appreciation of what it takes to succeed in the local culture and a careful understanding of the particular needs and constraints of the client. In all this we maintain an inflexible commitment to delivering practical, achievable recommendations which, when implemented, will result in lasting benefits for the client.

While an accurate understanding of the client's situation and a sound plan of action are important to any client, it is only when they are properly implemented that they lead to a successful outcome. For this reason we offer healthcare management services. Our expertise encompasses both the development and the management of complex healthcare facilities along with the implementation of specific specialties or services.

While, in some cases we may provide the management expertise from within our leadership team, in many cases we will source suitably qualified and experienced professionals through our in-house specialist healthcare recruitment arm. In every case, we will provide rigorous oversight for the management to ensure it can achieve its goals.

In addition, we can arrange financing for major capital projects, whether for the expansion of existing facilities or the development of new facilities.

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